About Us

The ownership of Crossroads REO is held by Daniel Keltner. Daniel has over 12 years of Real estate experience including

  • construction
  • property management
  • Real Estate sales
  • Reo Disposition.

Some of Daniel's marketing strategies have been adopted by other national property management firms and outsourcers alike.
He is actively involved in the day to day operations of the company, as well as innovating new marketing strategies (auctions, online sales) and communicating with corporate Reo clients.

Daniel Keltner is also a member of several Reo Broker/Agent organizations, that are dedicated to the servicing of Reo properties best practices and procedures.

Crossroads REO offers:

  • eviction services
  • redemption management
  • initial property services
  • property management
  • asset valuation and market analysis
  • sales and marketing services
  • closing services
  • title services
  • property expense management

Crossroads REO creates a management team tailored to our client. We try to mirror our client’s corporate structure, to ensure a smooth transition of your assets to our company. Our asset managers typically handle 250-350 properties and have a team of asset specialists, closing coordinators and accounting staff. This ensures that all staff is on the same page while servicing your assets.

At Crossroads REO our personnel are customer oriented, knowledgeable, and accountable. We believe in customer service and hard work. Our staff is experienced in disposing a high volume of Reo assets efficiently and quickly for the most money possible.